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About Livi Jacobs

Meet Livi Jacobs, a singer-songwriter, born and raised in the heart of Austria, Vienna. From a young age, Livi knew she wanted to pursue music, writing her first song at the age of 10. She honed her craft throughout her teenage years and gained local recognition by performing at various venues in Florida, where she now lives.

In 2023, she released her long-awaited debut record “Goodbye”, which showcased her growth as both, a singer and a songwriter. 

Livi’s music is a fusion of all her musical influences, such as folk, pop, and a touch of country. Together with her husband and friend, Rick Carlson, “Goodbye” was born. “Goodbye” is a poignant ballad that reflects on the pain of saying farewell to loved ones. As Livi puts it, “This song is about the bittersweet moments in life we all experience." Saying goodbye is a common reoccurrence in her life, as she has moved countless times in her young life. From Austria, Florida, Nashville, all the way to  Los Angeles, she’s seen it all. And with each new place comes a new goodbye. 

Livi’s music stands out for its emotive honesty and her ability to capture the essence of the human experience. With exciting upcoming projects in the works, Livi’s music is not to be missed.  





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